GrammarCI can proofread your code –

No more typos. Ever

A simple spelling and grammar checking solution integrated in your CI/CD pipeline.


Focus on building your rocket

Your code is amazing. But typos happen – in the user messages, templates, warnings and so on. Happens to the best of us. How about GrammarCI proofreads your code (well, the human language part of it) for any errors after every commit?

  • Super easy to integrate and super easy to correct errors
  • Customers or colleagues will never report typos to you again
  • Power of community – if another user marks a new word (eg. TikTok) as correct, that helps you too

Ship amazing products that speak with your users fluently

You do your magic, we will do ours. Your texts will be checked for spelling and grammar errors as well as for stylistic issues upon every commit or pull-request (customizable)

Auto checks

Multiple spell checkers available, you can choose a driver.

Semi-auto fixing

Make a fixing commit directly from our page in a couple of clicks.

Power of Git

We support 3 major Git platforms – GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket.


Aside from the traditional source code files, we parse templates, language files, etc.

Technologies supported

Popular languages and frameworks

How does it work?

Every time you push to the repo, we will look for typos in the user-facing texts, eg:
Laravel (PHP) Controller
React Component
Laravel (PHP) Blade Template
Ruby Class

Very simple and affordable pricing model

  • Public repos only
  • All features
Paid monthly
  • Public & private repos
  • All features
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